About Bankcoin Reserve

BCR is an innovative digital commodity unlike any other on the market, offering a stable price in an increasingly unstable financial environment.

Established in 2014, Bankcoin Reserve represents the first stable priced coin in the world. With the goal of transforming the world from a debt equity situation to a commodity-based earnings and interest system using blockchain technology. Its reliability as an investment can be found in its digital mining or minting process, known as Proof of Stake. Unlike other digital currencies, the value of the BCR is not reliant on speculation.


The BCR coin is a market price ‘taker’ rather than a price ‘maker’. With its value derived from the tethering to the ceiling price of one troy ounce of gold over the previous month. When a new ceiling is reached, that becomes the floor price of BCR for the following month.

This attachment to the ceiling price of gold gives BCR an immutable value structure upon which to do business. Not only do BCR owners gain the benefit of a more stable and reliant asset like gold, but also the increased value of holding BCR as the gold price rises.


The BCR coin has the unique ability to mint up to 10% per annum of the principal amount held in its proprietary digital wallet. This increased value is defined as digital commodity earnings rather than interest.

To achieve this growth of up to 10% per annum, the BCR Blockchain uses a Proof-Of-Stake algorithm where the network forms an organic distributed consensus of the transaction ledger.

In a Proof-of-Stake based cryptocurrency like BCR, the creation of the next block is chosen with various combinations of random selection, quantity, or age of the coins being held, also known as the stake.

BCR’s Proof-Of-Stake feature allows only legitimate transactions utilising the transparency of the blockchain and having the secondary mining feature replace interest with earnings.


BCR is a more liquid asset than traditional stores of value.

With no third-party involvement in transactions, BCR is available when required, with transactions more affordable than ever. 

For example, 20,000 BCR can be moved from one country to another in a few seconds with a transaction fee less than a dollar.

Bankcoin Reserve