The time honored AMERICAN SPACE MUSEUM  is now accepting Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) for donations.  They will be adding their BCR wallet address to their website to receive DONATIONS. They have 501(C)3 status.  home to the little museum with the big ECHO! We preserve the character of the American Space Program. How? By preserving not only individual artifacts, but the human stories behind those artifacts!  Visit the museum’s facility in Titusville, Florida. Their exhibit halls offer everything from spacecraft parts to astronaut suits to photos and working launch consoles, and even Soviet cosmonaut mementos.   Their galleries are dedicated to Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, Women in Space, unmanned missions, and the future of space.   And once you are done with the American Space Museum, you can enjoy a leisurely “Walk of Fame” just down the street in Space View Park, where you will see our beautiful steel and granite monuments and engravings dedicated to all those who made space exploration a reality.   But their purpose isn’t just to honor the past. They are also planning a new section dedicated to the future of American space exploration, as well as a Children’s Discovery Room.

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