Strategic Alliances

LVL 88 Ventures

Innovative & Disruptive Solutions for Today’s Digital Economy

We are a boutique agency or venture builder uniquely designed to transform businesses through innovation and the use of emerging and disrupting technologies. LVL 88 transforms our clients’ businesses and integrates them into an existing ecosystem and then assist them in manoeuvring rapidly into changing digital landscapes or economies.

We promote and help build and transform ventures based on emerging technologies such as Fintech, Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Decentralised Ledgers, IoT, Peer to Peer marketplaces, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality and Big Data.

Configurable Smart Contract Platform for Digital Media

BlockClick’s solution is a robust blockchain-infused platform working in conjunction with multiple decentralized applications (DApps) to reduce fraud in the digital marketing industry. With the advent of smart contracts, agreed-upon parameters based on strict requirements ​between two parties can now be ​dutifully enforced.


The largest marketplace for B2B cashless transactions in the USA and Canada

The largest marketplace for B2B cashless transactions in the USA and Canada

For more than 30 years, ITEX Corporation (OTCQB: ITEX) has helped tens of thousands of businesses generate new sales, conserve precious cash flow and increase profits. With our leading payment technology platform for processing transactions and our exclusive distribution channel, member businesses utilize our “ITEX dollars” to exchange goods and services, rather than use cash. ITEX Corporation is based in Bellevue, Washington.

ITEX is the largest marketplace for B2B cashless transactions in the USA and Canada. ITEX processes millions in sales for thousands of member businesses every month. We offer unique member benefits for increasing sales and reducing costs.

Wyith Institute

Glocalization of education, cooperative research and social entrepreneurship

Established in June 1992 and spun off in mid-2003 as an independent operation, Wyith Institute is committed to meeting with the ever-changing needs of the working learners in order to transform them into knowledge bearers necessary for the sustained development of the world. The Institute also provides online communication analytics, business intelligence and applications design, knowledge discovery and its related management, and various training services.

e3 Company (Florida)

Engage, Educate, and Empower

The e3 Company of Florida, LLC (dba the e3 Company) is a privately held organization founded to develop and provide strategic management services, from long term planning to tactical deployment and operational decision-making.


Live Breaking News

SNN.BZ is a collective effort of 12+ years with 16 authors from different walks of life based in the US, Central & South America and the UK. We provide current business, educational, and general positive, verifiable, and unbiased information.

We are proud to say that we have never been accused of creating “fake news” because we support our articles with their respective legal briefs.


Smartly Active Woman

Information platform for women without limits. Digital and print magazine, congresses, workshops, trainings, business circles, interaction with couches, advice on the creation and development of your projects with an approach that will make it easier for you to be a business woman and much more.