FAQ: popular questions about the project

We continue releasing answers to frequently asked questions about the project. We want you to know everything you need about Bankcoin Reserve, that’s why we are ready to answer every question about the project. We believe transparency is one of the key aspects that differentiate projects with future from the rest.

Is the Bankcoin Reserve Technology patented?

Bankcoin Reserve has 8 patents that protect the innovations registered by Gary McAlister and AAA Blockchain. All information can be viewed on the Patents page.

Are the Bankcoin Reserve instruments Sharia-compliant?

Islamic banking, or Sharia-compliant finance, prohibits riba or usury, which are both defined under Islamic law as unjust and exploitative gains made in trade or business. Accepting interest or fees for loans of money is not permitted; investments in businesses providing goods and services that are considered contrary to Islamic principles are also haram, which means ‘sinful’ or ‘prohibited’. This patented innovation addresses all issues in the current banking and financial sectors that conflict with Sharia-compliant finance.

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