Benefits Of Bankcoin Reserve

The removal of the need to borrow money and be indebted to external financial institutions.

Ethical Treasury Bonds can be introduced, and are recommended, to run parallel with a country’s existing treasury bond program. Bankcoin Reserve Coin earnings will comfortably cover the interest repayments.

A Bankcoin Reserve partnership will also enhance and strengthen the country’s position in the marketplace by providing full exporting facilities via the BCR monetary transactional network using the latest in Blockchain and mobile technology.

The country can create and provide opportunities for its people to start small to medium business enterprises using the No Interest principle.

AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, auditing and insurance components are included.

Governments have a new revenue earning model that can offset taxes due to the new gain.

The Bankcoin Reserve Coin​ is the only product available that is asset or commodity based, having a secondary mining Blockchain innovation.

The reduction of the interest burden on taxpayers.

The removal of the need to issue treasury bonds to pay accumulated interest on existing loans.

The Bankcoin Reserve instrument​ is straightforward to implement. Software has been extensively tested.

Bankcoin Reserve