Application Number: 2017100426
Application Date: 18.04.2017
Publication Number: 2017100426
Publication Date: 04.05.2017
Publication Kind: A4
IPC: G06Q 20/00
H04L 9/00
Applicants: McAlister, Gary MR
Taylor, Nina MISS
Agents: Taylor, Nina

Title: (EN) New Islamic Banking Sharia Compliant Blockchain Innovation Patent that has no riba, usury or interest component for but not limited to savings, deposit, ethical loans, finance, stock share bond, Private Placement Programs, Digitally discover new mine deposits to franchise & new monetary system using blockchains POS proof of stake/secondary mining mine discovery process of assets and commodities for entities such as but not limited to Governments, treasuries, central banks, banks, financial institutions, monetary funds, judicial entities, profit-sharing blockchain franchise investments PSBFI’s.

All information regarding this patent is available via this direct link on the World Intellectual Property Organisation Website

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