BCR Patented Technologies

Bankcoin is unique due to its ability to cater to any, and all, sectors. BCR patents (a total of 9), explain Bankcoin’s vast capabilities to change and improve the financial system, when dealing with transactions, flow of funds, security holdings, interests and much more. The ethical uses for Bankcoin are endless.

The developers have identified nine innovations in this technology and protected each of them with patents:

  • Innovation For Banks, Financial Institutions & Monetary Funds
  • Innovation For Assets & Commodities
  • Innovation For Internal Cryptocurrency Blockchain
  • Innovation For Insurance & Underwriters
  • Innovation For Governments
  • Innovation For Islamic Banking.

BCR Patented Technologies Offering Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is on a mission to change the perception surrounding cryptocurrencies and also reimagining money as a financial instrument.

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Bankcoin Reserve