Bankcoin Reserve is a unique currency

The world economy is shifting towards the digital realm. The old economic system is shifting towards digital, and the transformation is found primarily in the advent of cryptocurrencies that are set to replace the traditional money.

If past experience is any guide, cryptocurrencies are not the best choice for replacement money. A lot of investors have seen first-hand: cryptocurrencies are unapologetically volatile! This has become the main stumbling block for cryptocurrencies on their path to achieving wider adoption. The amount of money lost on a roller-coaster of an exchange rate can be measured in millions of dollars! Of course there were those who managed come out as winners from the insane volatility, but those are vastly outnumbered by losers.

Volatility also brings another issue: cryptocurrencies have become impossible to use in our daily lives, let alone in business.

The Bankcoin Reserve has been launched to systematically counter these disadvantages through the development of a universal, decentralised, and innovative monetary system. This is a monetary system that focuses on efficiency, transparency, security, and above all — utility. The Bankcoin Reserve is a unique currency that filters and combines the new decentralised blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

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Bankcoin Reserve